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January 2015

This Funny Thing Called Life

I love lazy days. I love sleeping in, not having to look at my planner, moving in slow motion, and watching too many shows on Netflix.

Today, I had absolutely nothing to do and nowhere to go. I didn’t leave my room all day. At one point, I was just sitting on my bed, looking out the window. That’s when I spoke this to God: Continue reading “This Funny Thing Called Life”

What Not To Do

My school is starting back tomorrow. I need to unpack, go to class, buy books, go to a meeting, email that teacher… the list could keep going. Maybe you have numerous work clients calling your phone, 2 hungry kids asking “what’s for dinner?,” laundry piled up over your head, or unpaid bills stacked on the table. I’m sure our to-do lists look very different. But, there is a common visitor on our lists of what not to do- spend waste our time complainingContinue reading “What Not To Do”

Why You Should Dream Bigger Dreams

If you had to choose a word for this new year, what would you choose? Or better yet, what would God choose for you?

There is a ‘movement’ (for lack of a better word) among Christians to pray about and choose a word for the year. This word replaces new year resolutions and serves as  focus, a challenge, or support for the year.  Continue reading “Why You Should Dream Bigger Dreams”

Awed by Grace



awe– noun \ˈȯ\
: an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, fear, etc., produced by that which is grand, extremely powerful, or the like


There’s something special about awe. Unlike a lot of adjectives, “awe” is not overused or degraded in meaning. Awe still contains the power and the strength that many words have lost over the years.  Continue reading “Awed by Grace”

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