I’m spending July studying Spanish abroad at the University of Salamanca in Salamanca, Spain. Here’s what a typical day this month looks like: 
I’m living in a host home with another girl from Auburn, Micaela. We live with a host mom, her mother (who goes by Abuela is in a teeny, stereotypical Spanish grandmother), and her son who is 25. He goes running, and I joined him one afternoon! There’s no AC in the house even though it’s gotten up to 98 degrees, so we sleep with the windows open and on top of the covers.

We wake up around 7:45 and get ready for school. Breakfast always consists of toast and a chocolate spread; it’s simple yet fantastic. We make a 35 minute walk through town (I’ve definitely been getting a workout!) and arrive to class.

I have two hours of a language class from 9-11, Spanish culture from 11-12, and History of Spanish Art from 12-1. Having 4 hours of class in all Spanish is quickly improving my listening skills. My first teacher doesn’t know any English (which is fine because we have students from Brazil, China, and other countries), so it’s rather entertaining and confusing when we don’t know a word and she can’t tell us what it translates to. My second teacher is my favorite! She is hilarious and the material is interesting. My art class is currently very overwhelming, but hopefully it will get better.

After class we make the trek back to our house for lunch. The afternoon is the best time of the day- siesta! I’m sure most of you have heard of this afternoon nap time, but it really is practiced here. We have hours every afternoon with nothing going on and nowhere to go. There is so much free time because we have little homework! We sometimes go shopping or go to the pool, but we always take naps! Next week I will have guided tours every day around the city, and the last week 5 of us from Auburn are taking a cooking class! I’ll have to cook something for you when I get back!

We basically just hang out and relax until dinner, which is around 9 pm. I know that sounds late, but the sun doesn’t set until almost 10:30! Crazy, right? That’s why Spain involves late nights and siestas.

After dinner we normally get ready and meet some of our group from Auburn in town. Plaza Mayor is the center of town. We walk through it multiple times every day. We’ve also started a biweekly Bible study in the middle of it! The plaza looks beautiful when it is lit up at night!  It’s a great place to meet up, hang out, and grab tapas. We often head to the Irish Theatre for events like karaoke and flip cup contests. It’s always entertaining. All 25 of our group dressed in red white and blue on the 4th and ventured around downtown together.


On the weekends we have excursions! This weekend we will visit El Escorial. Next weekend we have a weekend long trip to San Sebastián with several stops along the way. The last weekend is a free weekend, and I plan to go to Portugal! Our last day and night will be in Madrid! I’m excited to see all these places! Our first field trip this past weekend was to Segovia. We saw the famous acuaducto, toured a cathedral, saw the castle that inspired Sleeping Beauty’s castle and got to climb to the top!



Studying abroad has already been a great experience!! My Spanish has improved, it’s been super fun, and I’m forming friendships with people both here and who will get to be back in Auburn with me!