Today was the first day of my junior year at Auburn! I felt led to share the entry from my prayer journal. I think this is a great prayer for anyone, anytime, but especially for students going back to school. Join me in prayer, and let’s make this a year where God’s glory is displayed every day!

Father, I lift the upcoming school year up to You.

I pray that Your glory will be shown on campus.

I ask that You give me the courage to be openly passionate about my faith.

Give me the kindness to befriend those in my classes and around campus

so that I can be a light shining brightly for You.

Provide me with patience, gentleness, and self-control so that

I do not become easily annoyed or angered,

but instead act with grace

because you have lavished Your grace upon me.

I pray that I have the confidence to step outside of my bubble, my comfort zone,

and reach out to those who have not yet experienced Your grace.

Give me your eyes to see what You see,

and give me wisdom to know what to say or do when I do see.

Help me to not become overwhelmed by

stress, busyness, or the things of this world. 

Instead, help me to have a steadfast heart that 

is consistently pursuing You. 

Help me to be a reflection of You. 

We’re impacting the Kingdom together!

Much love,


(( I have been so busy the past few weeks with coming back from Spain, sorority recruitment, and moving back to Auburn. I promise to get back to blogging soon! ))