I’m getting ready to share something that is going to step on some toes. Many people are going to disagree with me. Others are going to think I just don’t “get it.” However, I’ve really felt convicted about this issue, and I feel the need to point it out.

If you’re looking at my Instagram account or Facebook profile, you will not see a picture of my Bible. You will not see my Bible sitting diagonally with my beautiful latte in the corner. You will not see the page of my Bible that I have covered in tabs and highlighting. You will not see my Bible sitting in my lap on my bed with my cozy socks and granola breakfast nearby.

The reason? My time in the Bible is not a display for attention. It’s a time for worship, digging into the Word, and listening to God.

I’m sure some of you are already starting to get defensive, but stick with me.

Now if you stalk through my pictures, you probably will find a few pictures of my Bible. It has been in the last 6 months that God has really been convicting me of this. There were a few occasions when I decided I wanted to take an artsy picture of my Bible. As I would try to adjust the angle and get the perfect lighting and background objects in the frame, I was overcome with a sense of superficiality, idolatry, and shallowness.

Why did I feel the need to post my Bible on social media?

Many will rationalize that it’s how they share Jesus to their friends. Is there anything wrong with an artsy Bible pic accompanied with a Bible verse caption? Absolutely not.

However, I think that is rarely, if ever, our main motivation. We may tell ourselves it is. But in reality, we live in culture of young adults where radical christianity is “cool” and “hipster.” (There’s an awesome blog that expands on this idea.)

We post the pictures because we want people to see that we read the Word. We want people to acknowledge that we love Jesus. We want people to like those photos. And that’s where it goes wrong, because time in the Word should never be flaunted for attention. 

Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven.

Mathew 6:1

I can’t make it any more clear than that, folks. Our religion is not a show. Our faith is not for likes. Our relationship with Jesus is not for attention.

Yes, I want you to share God’s truth all over your social media.

Yes, social media is an awesome tool for building God’s kingdom.

Yes, you should be proud of your faith and not try to hide it.

And if you need to post a picture of your Bible to do those things, do it. My goal for this blog is not to discourage you from sharing Jesus on your Instagram. My intention for this blog is to challenge you.

The next time you go to take or post that photo, I want you to think about this blog. I want you to reflect on your own intentions and desires. Is this picture a tool to get likes and attention? For me, attention-seeking was always found in the pridefulness of my heart, and that’s why you won’t see my Bible on social media.

Lots of love,