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A Beautiful Gift


I was holding in my hands the most beautiful present I had ever seen. It was wrapped tightly in gold paper that glimmered like the sun. The burgundy ribbon wrapped around both sides until it concluded into a perfectly symmetrical bow on top. This gift was beautiful in every way, and it was mine to enjoy.  Continue reading “A Beautiful Gift”

To The Girl Who Was Told She Isn’t Good Enough

This blog is to the girl who was told she isn’t good enough,

the girl who was rejected by a job/opportunity,

the girl who was dumped by her boyfriend,

the girl who was picked last,

the girl who listened to the mean girls,

the girl who let others state her value. Continue reading “To The Girl Who Was Told She Isn’t Good Enough”

Crucifying with the Crowd

This week, we celebrated palm Sunday, the day we recognize Jesus’ Scripture-fulfilling entry into Jerusalem. But this was more than just a ride on a donkey. This was a proclamation that Jesus is the Messiah.  Continue reading “Crucifying with the Crowd”

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